Mobile Heating Units

Our classic option. The mobile heating units from 40 to 2,500 kW are suitable for a variety of different apllications.

Mobile Chiller Units

Chilling, air-conditioning and ventilation. An increasingly relevant topic. Our comprehensive portfolio of mobile cooling offers you the best available.


Mobile Steam Units

Our mobile steam and hot water units are the high end products in our rental fleet.

Mobile Electric Units

Our smallest units. But with great output. From 9 to 36 kW – our mobile electric heating units are available for sale or hire.

Mobile Biomass Units

In addition to conventional energy sources such as gas and oil, HOTMOBIL, the specialist for innovative mobile energy, also offers units fuelled by renewable energies.

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  • Mobile Steam Units from Hotmobil
  • Mobile Electric Units from Hotmobil
  • Mobile Biomass Units from Hotmobil
  • We are your reliable partner for Mobile Energy

    Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH is one of the leading companies in mobile energy supply in Europe

    With our forward thinking and actions, we develop economic and cost effective solutions for our customers for temporary applications. With the mobile generation of warm and hot water, steam, cooling energy and air-conditioning, we specialise in meeting your requirements and the careful use of resources. Our consistent service concept results in advantages for you, the customer. Whether mobile heatings, tent heatings, air conditioners or cooler units, we are your partner and full-service provider on the market for mobile energy generation.

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      • Service

        We are at your service whenever you need us, whether day or night, weekends or public holidays: 24 hours 365 days a year. With our own regional locations and competent contact persons, as well as many years of collaboration with high-profile suppliers and the use of well-known brands, we ensure a reliable service for our customers.

    • Energie Garantie von Hotmobil

        The on-demand Energy Guarantee
      Regardless of your chosen medium - heating, cooling or steam: enjoy permanent protection from the risks of an energy generating failure by placing your full confidence in HOTMOBIL. With our Energy Guarantee, you can receive an individual, mobile emergency energy unit within 6 hours of contacting us.

      Energie Garantie von Hotmobil

      • One-stop shop for the sale of mobile energy units
        No matter which area we are talking about – heating, cooling, steam, electricity, biomass – optimum energy efficiency and highest quality standards play an important role for us. This is what we are specialised in. With our Sales, Planning and Development and Production departments, we can meet your requirements.

      • Mobile Electric Heater -
        complete with connection line
        only 1,799.-  €