Mobile Biomass Units

Mobile Biomass Units up to 100 kW

The mobile biomass containers are used where bigger outputs are required. For example with contracting systems or local heat supply. In addition to conventional energy sources such as gas and oil, HOTMOBIL, the specialist for innovative mobile energy, also offers units fuelled by renewable energies. For us, accepting responsibility for and protecting the environment means taking unconventional approaches and thinking ahead.

We were the first company in this sector to offer mobile pellet heating units and revolutionised the market. Today, with our experienced staff, we can design systems that are customised precisely to your needs. Not only is this environment-friendly but it is also ideal for ecological use in areas where fossil fuels cannot be used. The mobile pellet or wood-chip units are mounted on a trailer or in a container. Depending on the output of the unit, the stocks of pellets or wood chips are stored either inside the unit or externally.



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