Auxiliary Equipment for Mobile Electric Heating Units

A solution for every situation. With our range of auxiliary equipment, you have the option of specifying our mobile Electric Units according to your requirements and tailoring them specifically to your application.

Spare Parts Suitcase

  • 2 heating elements
  • 1 vent valve
  • 1 control thermostat
  • 1 safety temperature limiter
  • 2 plug 400 V / 32 A
  • 8 GEKA spare sealing gaskets

Air Heaters


Hose Material

Gummi-Industrie-Druckschlauch. Geeignet zum Durchleiten von Luft, kaltem und warmem Wasser und leichten Chemikalien für Industrie- und Agraranwendungen.

  • Messure 25 x 34 mm
  • Pressure 15 -45 bar
  • Temperature – 20°C bis +100°C




Extension Cable 400 V / 32A

Heavy rubber hose line HO7RN-F, connection line for medium mechanical stress with plug and coupling. Maximum length 20 meters, cable cross section 5G4 mm²

Transportation Box

The transportation box (flightcase) is made of coated multi-layer plywood and has riveted edges made of aluminium profiles and rounded steel corners. The cover is hinged and held by several butterfly latches (stable pulling and rotation mechanism). Butterfly latches and foldable carry handles are mounted in recesses and do not protrude. During transport, the mobile electric unit is optimally protected. Dimenstions: 120 cm x 80 cm x 66 cm (without pallet).



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