Heat Supply Guarantee

With the Heat Supply Guarantee (WVG), the focus is on reliability with regard to an optimal ambient temperature. For a very low premium starting at 2.50 € / kW and year, you will receive the right protection in the event of damage and thus are ensured guaranteed delivery of a mobile heating unit from our system pool specifically set up for this purpose.

Particularly suited for systems that have to offer reliability in supply, such as e.g. district heating systems, contracting systems but also other important properties such as hospitals, old people's homes, administration buildings and residential complexes.

Already take the heat supply guarantee into consideration in the planning phase and you can do without expensive investments in redundancy systems. The handling is done via our network of branches throughout Germany with our own specialist personnel. You are guaranteed very short response times with these benefits.

Should you have any questions about our Energy Guarantees, please contact

Petra Maus, Administration
Phone: +49 7731 9460-160
Fax: +49 7731 9460-199
E-Mail: maus@hotmobil.de

Hotmobil Energy Guarantees



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