1. How they work:

They are based on a collective protection concept. The principle of the energy guarantee (EG) operates in the same way as your insurance. The premiums paid by the individual guarantee holders finance an extensive pool of emergency energy units that, in the event of a problem, are immediately available to each individual contractual partner.
The difference: a guarantee does not cover the financial loss that may ensue after a malfunction but it actually prevents it entirely. In other words, an insurance policy that rewards you with a benefit in kind.


2. Why they work:

The energy guarantee (EG) system is based on the concept of collective protection. This requires a suitably large pool of equipment, as well as experience using the equipment and technical expertise. Many years of collaboration and cooperation service agreements with leading manufacturers in the industry provide the high level of support that is needed for this service package. There is a generous ratio of emergency units to guarantee holders and this ratio is adjusted on an ongoing basis in accordance with the number of new contracts.


3. When & where used:

  • One-year guarantee:
    This means there is no longer any need for expensive, internal redundancy
  • Winter and summer season guarantee:
    customised protection, for example, for the heating season.
  • Half-year guarantee:
    To bridge high-risk periods (before replacing or renovating units) and for protecting partial and peak loads. Protection for old, unreliable boiler units, etc.

5. Who benefits:

Planners & engineers, energy service providers, investors, public utility companies, industry & commerce, the hotel industry, property managers & house owners, facility management, the health system, municipalities, insurance companies, risk management, biogas plant operators, etc.


Invoicing is simple and efficient.

0% redundancy + HOTMOBIL = 100% protection



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Hotmobil Energy Guarantees



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