Mobile energy for continous production

Electricity generated from biogas with combined heat and power (CHP) constitutes an important segment of the supply of power from renewables. For newly commissioning biogas facilities, the biogas propellant needs to be substituted in the start-up phase. Mobile heating power stations can assist during the initial heating phase by providing an external supply of heat

Mobile fermenter heating for the start-up phase
With recently commissioned biogas facilities, the supply of thermal energy is essential until such time as biogas starts to be produced automatically in the fermenter tank. A simple, cost-effective variant is to support the initial heating phase with mobile heating plant.

An assured supply of electricity revenue right from Day One
The mobile heating plant is connected directly to the fermenter tank throughout the initial heating phase and supplies the requisite heating power in a direct manner. This saves the need to convert the engine on the biogas plant to run on different fuels. Furthermore, the biomass 'bonus' is protected during the initial heating phase because the biogas engine does not need to be run on fuels that are not covered by the biogas bonus scheme. Not only that but, during subsequent start-ups after maintenance work, the biogas plant can be powered up much faster than would otherwise be the case.

Assured operation and supply - even with a guarantee
The broad performance range of mobile heating plants from HOTMOBILmakes it possible to heat all fermenter sizes to the required temperature level. For this, the range of plant we keep across Germany includes mobile heating plants rated for up to 950 kW as well as mobile heating containers rated for up to 2500 kW of heating power. Mobile energy is also in service to safeguard the ongoing production of heat and power - to cover peak loads or during maintenance work on the CHP plant. To safeguard production and for security of supply for 'sensitive' heat consumers, HOTMOBIL offers its 'Energy Guarantee': for a modest annual fee, we set aside the most appropriate heating plant for your needs and can deliver this to you within a contractually agreed period of time. The HOTMOBIL Energy Guarantee saves plant operators the need to invest in a redundant energy system.



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