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Mobile energy, on location quickly and reliably

The reliable provision of energy at any time of the day or night is the yardstick against which customers and end users measure the reliability of their utility company. HOTMOBIL assures the provision of energy in precisely those places where large volumes of heat or steam are vitally necessary to safeguard supply.

In service on location, delivering an uninterruptible supply of energy
Something which customers may take for granted is something which obliges power stations and distribution network providers to undertake continuous maintenance to achieve. Mobile energy units constitute the flexible solution for temporary energy supply: directly at the power station or in an urban area. Where distribution networks are being extended, to provide assured coverage at peak load times, during scheduled maintenance work or when leaks are detected in a remote heating line. To bridge bottlenecks in the primary energy supply and for scheduled major overhauls. We offer availability for our mobile energy units right across Germany from our ten locations, direct to your supply area, to enable us to restore network operations quickly in the event of an emergency situation.

Temporary energy supply without tying up capital
Through the provision of mobile energy, Hotmobil, the pioneer and market leader in the field of mobile energy supply, is there to support your company, also with optimization of your operating costs. In new-builds and the modernization of energy systems or remote heating distribution networks, mobile energy units can deliver power 'on-demand' up to the two-digit megawatt range, thereby ensuring that you can dispense with 'redundant', i.e. backup, plant systems. Hotmobil provides heat and steam on location and, if so desired, can also supply the fuel you need, and takes care of all the logistics involved.

Heating and steam to lease or built to customized specifications
Mobile energy units from Hotmobil are equipped with all the latest technology for local generation of heat, cooling and steam. Available to rent or lease from our stock of equipment extending over more than 600 energy units, or also planned and manufactured to suit your precise requirements. Vehicle-based mobile heating units with power ratings of up to 950 kW help you to bridge the supply of heating to buildings or to sections of the remote heating distribution network. To supply major customers or public-sector establishments, and for longer lease periods, mobile heating units can be deployed in transportable containers and can deliver heating power ratings of up to 2500 kW. To supply steam consumers and remote heating distribution networks operated with steam, our mobile and fully turnkey steam generating units may be just what you need, offering power ratings of 600 to 16000 kg/hr. A guaranteed bonus is the Hotmobil Energy Guarantee which you can use to protect yourself against the failure of your power generating facilities. This ensures, for your assured supply of energy, that your customers on location can call on a source of mobile energy for a contractually agreed period of time.



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