Mobile energy, for a good climate and a great atmosphere

Concerts and sports events, open-air events and spectacular indoor shows - successful event concepts organized perfectly down to the last detail. It may be a two-hour sports event or a three-day open-air event: mobile power plants from HOTMOBIL get your events up to the right temperature.

Mobile energy satisfies the need for high standards of comfort
Heating for spectator tents and VIP containers, cooling of event rooms, heating of mobile studios, hot water for open-air events: trends, expectations and prevailing legislation mean that the provision of power faces a never-ending stream of new challenges. Mobile energy plants deliver a constant power rating and temperature control to events, achieving the right climate indoors as well as out in the field. Energy-efficient with the very latest of heating and cooling technology across the entire performance range.

Agreeable climate and hot water
Modern and energy-efficient air heaters use a water-based heating system to direct heated air to the event tent - silently and without unpleasant draughts. For climate control, depending on requirements, the appropriate solutions are available to meet all needs. Compact 'split' air-conditioners unobtrusively deliver temperature control to rooms at prestigious events. In the case of large-scale events, controllable Coolair ventilation units deliver cool air, chilled using a powerful refrigerant unit.
The rising demands for comfort at modern events, in addition to heating and cooling, now also call for hot water as a basic requirement. With Eventmaster, our mobile heating plant, Hotmobil can now supply major events with hot water, delivering rated power of up to 17,200 litres/hour at a water temperature of 45°C - for use in large marathon events as well as to provide stars, tour crew members and fans at open-air concerts with hot showers.

Precision power supply with modern technology
HOTMOBIL has specialized as an energy service provider on the customer-led provision of heating, cooling and hot water for events. Time and again, our mobile power plants can be found in operation at well-known major events in Europe - flexible, on-time delivery and reliable. Even for exceptional tasks such as the freezing and thawing of sporting ice rinks or the heating of swimming pools and the provision of on-demand warm rain showers during the making of films.



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