Facility management

Mobile energy, right on your doorstep

In modern buildings, Facility Management needs to deal with ongoing operational reliability coupled with optimum cost-effectiveness, not only in respect of heating but also of air-conditioning. The mobile energy plants from HOTMOBILdeliver heat and cold in emergency situations as well as during scheduled conversion work, doing so directly into the plant system

Modernization without interrupting the power supply
Energy costs play a substantial role in the total cost of running estates and rental properties. Modern and energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning systems reduce operating costs substantially and signify a competitive edge for commercial properties. To accomplish this, HOTMOBIL supplies you with mobile energy directly on location and this gives you the latitude to make the necessary renovations, thereby improving the value of your property. Without impediment for occupants, tenants and other users, even in summer, during which time heating system is still required to produce hot water.

Heat and cold for very brief or for very long periods
Mobile energy plants for heat or cold deliver rapid relief in emergencies. If a heating system malfunctions at a weekend or on a national holiday, when fast remedial action cannot otherwise be taken. In the event of a failure of the cooling system in a warehouse or a computer centre. In the case of necessary repair work that can last for up to several days. One of the ten HOTMOBIL subsidiaries in Germany can get to your site swiftly to install mobile energy on location. Even for a period of weeks or months as a transitional solution prior to renovation work, when lead time is required for planning, awarding of orders and implementation.

Insured against breakdowns with an additional guarantee
HOTMOBIL supplies mobile energy plants with their own technical staff, capable of dealing with setup, connection to the system in your building and initial startup (commissioning). In emergency situations, you can reach us right around the clock and speak to a central and competent person. With the Hotmobil Energy Guarantee you can protect your building against any unforeseen failure of the heat or cold supply. This energy insurance scheme guarantees your Facility Management team an assured supply of mobile energy within a contractually agreed period of time.



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