Mobile energy, independent and flexible

Energy supply is one of the fundamental production factors in industry and related trades. Heat for the heating of buildings and production facilities, refrigeration for air-conditioning and cooling, steam for production processes – continuous and reliable provision of the required forms of energy is a decisive element in the process sequence. Power plants from HOTMOBIL can assure this supply on-demand.

Flexible and cost-effective energy supply
With mobile power plants, your energy supply remains flexible at all times: as rolling miniature power plants for temporary use during maintenance or conversion work, as stationary container-based power plants for heating or steam and as transportable cold water kits, energy can be called upon at the required power level using modern, efficient technology - and leasing is available as well as purchase. This saves on investment costs - money does not need to be tied up in 'redundant' (i.e. backup) energy supply systems.

Customized energy supply independent of location
Mobile energy gives you more latitude for making important investment decisions. Pending modernization of plant to generate heat, cold or steam require an appropriate length of lead time in order to identify the most cost-effective and efficient solution. True of leasing as well as of purchase: the costs incurred by the temporary use of mobile energy can be lower than the costs of prematurely rapid modernization. The engineers in our Planning department can design you a customized power plant to suit your specific needs for heating, refrigeration or the supply of steam: not only that, they can also provide you at the same time with answers to decisive question, such as 'Are parts of the production process to be relocated to a different site?' If so, one of our container-based power plants simply relocates with you. Is production to start up in the new building even though some of the technical facilities are still under construction? The transportable heating power plant from HOTMOBIL can deliver the heat you require right here and right now.

Guarantee against production downtime
Our mobile power plants can be connected up within your plant, even over extended distances. Not only that, but HOTMOBIL guarantees its connection within your company right around the clock, for whenever you have a sudden and short-term need for mobile energy. Reliable protection against a failure of the power supply is something else included in the HOTMOBIL Energy Guarantee, which assures you - along the lines of an energy insurance policy - of heat, cold or steam when you need it, within a contractually defined period of time.



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