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Mobile energy, the engine driving construction progress

Modernization of the energy-related aspects of buildings without interruption of heating supply is made possible by mobile heating systems. In new-build properties, this can speed up drying processes. Mobile refrigeration systems deliver the cooling energy needed for the air-conditioning of buildings. Mobile power stations from HOTMOBIL deliver the required power when and where it is needed.

Energy for buildings
In residential properties, about 75% of the total energy expended is required to provide remote heating with a further 12% for the provision of hot water. In modern buildings, it is a standard feature for this to go hand in hand with the provision of heating and cooling functions. Industrial buildings need heating power as well as refrigeration and steam for cooling purposes and for process energy. Energy-related modernization projects in inhabited residential property require the hot water supply to remain in working order throughout the process.

Shortening drying times and honouring deadlines consistently
Whether at the project stage or in an existing property - the provision of energy is a fundamental component of any viable building services industry. In construction shells, buildings need to be heated in the absence of a fuel supply, or while the heating system is still under construction. When heating large surface areas to dry screed coatings with a precisely metered supply of heat to enable the heating and cooling process to run smoothly. To shorten construction times with thermal activation of components. With reliable planning capability through the use of mobile heating systems. Prepared and, where needed, customized texts for invitations to tender all simplify the task for you of including the use of mobile energy supply systems in the technical specification document.

Planning in safety without any risk to costs and deadlines
HOTMOBIL, the pioneer of mobile energy supply, has an appropriate solution for every area of application. Available throughout Germany from any one of our ten subsidiaries. For scheduled use during build periods as well as for emergency situations. Also available as a transitional solution for extended periods of use, e.g. in the required lead time for planning, awarding of orders and implementation. With the HOTMOBIL Energy Guarantee, you can plan in advance to have a failsafe that will protect you against any failure of energy supply.



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