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Mobile energy - to keep the heart of the town beating

Towns and municipalities need a reliable form of energy supply. 'Sensitive' buildings such as hospitals, nursery schools and care facilities cannot tolerate any interruption in the provision of their heating and cooling systems. HOTMOBIL is on call 365 days a year with its mobile energy power stations to deliver heat, cold or steam - for days, weeks, months or on a permanent basis.

Local supply of remote heating and cooling energy
Any functioning infrastructure demands reliably continuous supply of energy to towns, residential areas and industrial zones. Mobile energy enables modernization of heating facilities to go ahead without any makeshift stopgap measures. Renovation work on public-sector facilities can therefore proceed even during the cold months of the year. In summer, mobile heating systems can provide hot water for public swimming pools. Wherever the required cooling system fails, our mobile refrigeration stations can provide a temporary source of cooling power.

Safe operation of standalone local heating supply systems
Local and municipal supply companies are coming increasingly to rely on decentralized local heat supply through the use of regenerative (sustainable) energies or combined heat and power (CHP). The construction of redundant power generating facilities does however call for greater investment and this imposes a burden on municipal budgets. Mobile 'power stations' for temporary periods can save the expense of maintaining backup systems that increase fixed overheads and that operate at low levels of utilization. Reliable protection from the failure of a local heating supply is provided by the HOTMOBIL Energy Guarantee: for a modest annual fee, the requisite heating, refrigeration or steam generating system is kept aside for delivery and commissioning at short notice within a contractually agreed period of time.

Cost-effective provision of energy for local power supply
The scope for leasing mobile power stations of this kind enables infrastructure to contend with emergencies and any conversion work that may be required. For continuous operation to cover peak loads, and for Contracting projects, the level of investment in an ideally dimensioned energy supply facility can be tailored precisely to match your budget. Talk to us about your specific requirements - we will be delighted to get involved in your local energy supply project and will be pleased to provide you with a customized quotation.



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