Mobile energy - as versatile as the industrial trades sector

Convenient heating, hot water, comfortably air-conditioned rooms: The HVAC trade has exactly the expertise you need, especially when you are considering modernization of your energy supply facilities. All that and much more - for example when the heating system 'downs tools on you' at the weekend. In both cases, HOTMOBIL is the right choice of partner for you: our mobile energy supply units help you to bridge your heating needs during conversion work to install modern heating technology. In emergency situations, help is quickly to hand, helping you to restore heating rapidly in the event of a malfunction shutting down your primary heating system. 

We let you get on with your job as a tradesman
The HVAC trade can look forward to vast revenue-earning potential on the back of great demand for modernization of heating systems. However, the changeover to modern and efficient heating technology now often entails the need for a complete system rebuild, one involving far more than a simple boiler replacement. HOTMOBIL provides you with the mobile energy you need, giving you the latitude you need to be effective: i.e. you can even proceed with the modernization of heating systems when it is cold outside, or if the hot water supply cannot be interrupted. For complete conversion of heating systems without any adverse impact on residents, tenants and users. Free of makeshift arrangements and free of time pressure as you concentrate on delivering high-quality work.

Leasing or renting mobile energy
From mobile electrical heating for modernizing the heating system in a family home up to the vehicle-based mobile heating unit to provide heating to large buildings: no matter whether you need 9 kW or 950 kW of heating power, HOTMOBIL, the pioneer of mobile energy supply for all applications, is sure to have the right size of unit for your needs. That may be just for a day or for several weeks, for scheduled use at a defined time and place, or to cover emergencies over a weekend. Whatever you need, a central and competent partner is on hand for you to contact right around the clock. HOTMOBIL supplies mobile energy with its own technical staff that handles on-site installation and commissioning.

Wherever you need energy
Mobile energy is as versatile as your trade. Vehicle-based heating units for use in detached and semi-detached homes can be indispensable aids to HVAC businesses: mobile electrical power plants rated for 14 kW to 36 kW are in service for repair work, the modernization of heating systems and for the drying of screed coatings. Hotmobil is also your reliable and fair partner when you are looking for cooling and air-conditioning systems: when you rent or lease one of our mobile 'split' units and cold water kits, you are simply being provided with cooling power for applications ranging from the cooling of individual rooms through to the mobile provision of cooling power for climatic technology or industrial cooling.



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