Heating of buildings

The heating of buildings - drying of buildings and the winter heating of buildings

If construction work extends into the winter months, heating may be required to enable work to continue on schedule. Without suitable surface temperatures and unless the temperature ranges specified for many construction materials are adhered to, fast, effective and quality-compliant work is not possible. Using mobile heating plants on new-builds and renovation projects, the required temperatures can be reached quickly. Especially when the actual heating system is still under construction and/or the heating surfaces are not yet in operation.

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Substantially lower fuel consumption due to water-guided heating system
Hotmobil is a water-based heating system for the heating of buildings. Heating is generated outside the building by a mobile heating plant. Flexible hoses transport the hot water to mobile ventilation devices erected inside the building that then heat the air inside the rooms. Compared to directly fired building heating systems, this approach can achieve substantial savings in the consumption of fuel oil.

Your advantages

Continuous compliance with construction schedules, no interruptions to building work caused by prevailing weather conditions. Dependable planning and scheduling through the use of mobile heating plants. When used to heat buildings, mobile heating plants and the heat emitted by air heaters can save up to 50% in fuel costs compared to directly fired air heating systems.

Hotmobil supplies you with mobile energy – quickly, flexibly and reliably

Top-quality advice

You can reach us anywhere in Germany at any time. You discuss your application with a single point of contact who then organizes the entire process for you from beginning to end. One call, one point of contact, one price.

Fair processing

Costs are charged on a daily basis in accordance with the length of the application. (no minimum rental charge)

Complete service

We deliver you a suitable mobile power plant together with all the necessary accessories, we organize the provision of fuel and our own specialist personnel commission the unit to get it up and running. Then we monitor and manage the operation of your rental plant.

Available right across Germany

Our stock of rental plant is based across our ten locations in Germany, each manned by its own team of product specialists.

In service for you

Our references show you numerous applications for mobile heating plants, mobile refrigeration plants, mobile splitter units, mobile vapour plants, mobile electrical heating devices, mobile hot water plants, mobile ventilation units and mobile special-purpose heating plants for specialist applications.



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