Mod. to refrigeration sys.

Generation of refrigeration to bridge failures or modification work

In a computer centre, the failure of a refrigeration plant makes it impossible to dissipate heat effectively in sufficient volumes. In the warehouse of a fresh foodstuff business, high ambient temperatures cause the refrigeration system to run up against its maximum performance limits. Renovation work on the refrigeration plant in a hospital disrupts the supply of cooling to individual parts of the building. Before temperatures get out of control, mobile refrigeration/cooling plants can deliver the required backup power for cooling and air-conditioning.

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Flexible reserve power or autonomy during modification work

Whether the cooling system is running up against its performance limits or breaks down completely, temperatures can soon rise to critical levels threatening massive costs - one example involving the failure of IT equipment, and another the impact of excessive storage temperatures on perishable foodstuffs. A redundant refrigeration or cooling system entails the need for duplication of equipment which in turn involves a high level of investment in additional plant technology. Mobile refrigeration and cooling plants from HOTMOBIL deliver the necessary levels of backup or provide the right parameters for modification work to continue. For days, weeks or months.

Your advantages

From room air-conditioning units through to a large-scale backup unit for cold water, the range of products and services provided by Hotmobil cover all the bases. For applications ranging from the cooling of individual rooms to the mobile provision of cooling for climatic technology or industrial refrigeration. This maintains flexibility in terms of your provision of cooling and refrigeration – in respect of the amount of power required, and it does so with modern, efficient technology, either to rent or to buy.

Hotmobil supplies you with mobile energy – quickly, flexibly and reliably

Top-quality advice

You can reach us anywhere in Germany at any time. You discuss your application with a single point of contact who then organizes the entire process for you from beginning to end. One call, one point of contact, one price.

Fair processing

Costs are charged on a daily basis in accordance with the length of the application. (no minimum rental charge).

Complete service

We deliver you a suitable mobile power plant together with all the necessary accessories, we organize the provision of fuel and our own specialist personnel commission the unit to get it up and running. Then we monitor and manage the operation of your rental plant.

Available right across Germany

Our stock of rental plant is based across our ten locations in Germany, each manned by its own team of product specialists.

In service for you

Our references show you numerous applications for mobile heating plants, mobile refrigeration plants, mobile splitter units, mobile vapour plants, mobile electrical heating devices, mobile hot water plants, mobile ventilation units and mobile special-purpose heating plants for specialist applications.



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