Power supply changeovers

Power supply changeovers - mobile energy supply

Pipeline break on the district heating line, new building work on pipeline networks or a changeover from vapour to hot water. The operation of hospitals connected to district heating systems, social establishments, residential homes for senior citizens or hotels does not allow for any interruption in the supply from any of the sub-stations on a district heating network. For utility providers, mobile heating plants offer a flexible solution for temporary applications.

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Energy direct into the mains grid
HOTMOBIL assures the provision of energy in precisely those places where large volumes of heat or steam are vitally necessary to safeguard supply. Mobile energy units represent the flexible solution for temporary power supply: directly at the power station or in an urban area, we can use our mobile heating units to deliver warm water, hot water or vapour directly into district heating grids.

Practical solutions

Our services

We offer availability for our mobile energy units right across Germany from our ten locations, direct to your supply area, to enable us to restore network operations quickly in the event of an emergency situation. When you come to select a suitable energy solution, you are assisted by one of our project advisors. With our own service technicians, we are able right across Germany to come out on site to examine with you the local situation and to explore the potential ways of connecting up to a power grid or network, or to connect our equipment directly into the system operating inside a given building.

Hotmobil supplies you with mobile energy – quickly, flexibly and reliably

Top-quality advice

You can reach us anywhere in Germany at any time. You discuss your application with a single point of contact who then organizes the entire process for you from beginning to end. One call, one point of contact, one price.

Fair processing

Costs are charged on a daily basis in accordance with the length of the application. (no minimum rental charge).

Complete service

We deliver you a suitable mobile power plant together with all the necessary accessories, we organize the provision of fuel and our own specialist personnel commission the unit to get it up and running. Then we monitor and manage the operation of your rental plant.

Available right across Germany

Our stock of rental plant is based across our ten locations in Germany, each manned by its own team of product specialists.

In service for you

Our references show you numerous applications for mobile heating plants, mobile refrigeration plants, mobile splitter units, mobile vapour plants, mobile electrical heating devices, mobile hot water plants, mobile ventilation units and mobile special-purpose heating plants for specialist applications.



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